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On July 22, 1862, fifteen Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul arrived in the Philippines from Spain. Two years after, the Daughters of Charity took over the administration of the Real Colegio de Santa Isabel. The College was then in Intramuros until it was totally destroyed by fire during the liberation ofManila. After losing the Colegio, the Sisters sought refuge at St. Rita’s College which was fortunately spared from the ravages of war.

The Sisters taught in St. Rita’s College to support themselves, determined to keep alive the name of this illustrious college. The zealous Sisters left no stone unturned until they found a temporary home for the students. It was through the kindness of the benevolent and compassionate Monsignor Vicente Reyes, then Parish Priest of San Miguel Parish, who offered some rooms in the convent so that the Sisters were able to start anew their apostolate of educating the young. The sisters were not contented with the temporariness of the situation, so these courageous women led by Sr. Juana Zabalza, Superior of the College at that time, and the indefatigable principal Sr. Candida Ocampo, who later became the first Filipina Superior of the College, were able to acquire the former St. Rita at 210 Taft Avenue, Manila. These dedicated Sisters put Santa Isabel College on solid ground again. The post-war Santa Isabel College owes partly its reason for being to them.

It was sometime after the war when the name of the Colegio de Santa Isabel was changed to its English equivalent, Santa Isabel College.
From 1968, all through the advent of the new millennium, Santa Isabel College has been improving and expanding its physical facilities. Since then, four buildings have risen in the Santa Isabel skyline. The school auditorium, built in 1953 was modernized. The Sister Catalina Ledesma Mini Recital Hall was constructed from the funds provided by the Sister Catalina Scholarship Foundation.

In 1982, Santa Isabel College celebrated its 350th Foundation Anniversary. After three and a half centuries, Santa Isabel College has expanded its educational programs. The courses, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Elementary/Secondary Education, and Music are still being offered, but the curricula were updated and enriched according to the demands of the times. Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) for Professionals was opened. The Music Program, likewise, has expanded and now gives short term courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Relations was given government recognition in 1981. Santa Isabel College then is the only school in the Philippines offering Bachelor of Science in Public Relations. Aside from the said offerings, the school’s four courses were given recognition by the government. They are: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Management, Bachelor of Science in Office Administration, and Bachelor of Arts in Human Development. With the opening of the courses, Santa Isabel College opened its portals to male students, which was not actually new because the Music Program has always been accepting male students since it opened after the World War II.

The school has extension services. Just after the Vietnam War, Santa Isabel College opened the Center for Assistance to Displaced Persons. The refugees and boat people from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were assisted by the Center under the Sisters and Staff. The Louise de Marillac Foundation, Inc. caters to the needs of an adopted community in Paliparan, Dasmariñas, Cavite and one inBarangay 736, Zone 80, Quirino Avenue, Manila. Santa Isabel College has a strong well-organized alumni association. They hold meetings every month to plan what they can do for the school. They hold fund-generating projects to help improve the school plant, give scholarships and help those who are materially deprived. Every year those Manila-based alumni join their fellow alumni in the United States and Canada in a grand reunion.

The Higher Education Department has organized a Parent’s Council for the whole department. Officers and members are parents and guardians of students from all programs. Parents are organized as partners of the school in educating the young. Reinventing Santa Isabel College was the main challenge of the last three school years. Intensive curriculum revision, realigning and mapping for more cohesive and relevant offerings were undertaken in order to answer current needs. Thus new programs were conceived: two-year Associate in Computer Technology, two Year Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, two-year Certificate in Accountancy, and short term computer courses. The school year 2005-2006 ushered in new programs: Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and evening classes for working students.

The Santa Isabel College administrators believe that accreditation of the courses is one way of maintaining quality education. After the PAASCU visit last February 27–28, 2000, the school was granted reaccreditation for a period of five years, effective April 2002-2007. The Higher Education Department passed the Level 2 PAASCU Accreditation on January 25, 2005 during the Interim Visit. The visit was conducted for Liberal Arts, Education and Business Administration programs.

In strengthening its response to God’s call of Discipleship and the Church’s mandate of “education in the faith”, Santa Isabel College continues to respond to the challenges of the times by inscribing in its academic community life planning sessions that, in part, actualize its vision-mission. In the school year 2003-2004, the entire school community underwent sessions on the revision of the institution’s vision-mission statement, an integration of the vision-mission statements of the MAPSA (Manila Archdiocesan and Parochial Schools Association) and the SLMES (St. Louise de Marillac Educational System), as well as scenario building and strategic planning. All of these are aimed for continuous growth and improvement, harnessing the capacity for continual transformation.

Santa Isabel College has carried on its mission in the last 378 years…The soul is Immortal…The mission goes on to spread the Word and uphold the Standard of Truth.

Courses And programs



The Higher Education Department of Santa Isabel College is open to any student who wishes to avail of its services, provided he/she meets the requirements and regulations set forth by the school. The school reserves the right to deny admission or re-admission of students under certain conditions.

A. Requirements
Santa Isabel College considers applicants from all high school graduates with at least average academic ability and regardless of race or economic status.

   1. New Students must
       a. Submit the following:
           - Accomplished Application Form
           - Report Card (F138)
           - Photo copy of Birth and Baptismal Certificates
           - Recommendation letter from principal/guidance counselor placed in a 
              sealed envelop duly countersigned across the flap.
           - Three (3) copies of I.D. pictures (2x2 in size)
       b. Have satisfactory mark in deportment 
       c. Have satisfactory mark in the entrance exam and inter- view
       d. Undergo Physical Health Examination

   2. Foreign Students must
       a. Submit the following:
           - ACR - Alien Certificate of Registration
           - Student Visa / Special Study Permit
           - Original Personal History Statement with picture
           - Authenticated Transcript of Records
           - Notarized Affidavit of Support
           - Authenticated Bank Certificate of Parents
           - Notarized copy of the Passport of the Applicant
           - Certificate of Good Moral Character
       b. Comply with the other requirements for new students

   3. Transferees must
       a. Submit the following:
           - Honorable Dismissal or Transfer Credentials
           - Transcript of Records for evaluation purposes
       b. Undergo interview with the Program Chairperson
       c. Present recommendation from the Dean of the College of previous school

   4. Old Students must
       a. Submit the following:
           - Student clearance of the preceding semester
           - Student I.D.
           - Student Checklist for Evaluation by the Program Chairperson
       b. Undergo interview with the Program Chairperson

B. Admission for Special Cases
   1. Only Second Year transferees are admitted at Santa Isabel College. 
       Third Year applicants may be admitted on a case-to-case basis.
   2. Students who have transferred to another school and desire to come back are
       treated as new students.
   3. Students with failing grades, incomplete and dropped subjects cannot take
       a full load.
   4. A married student must submit a copy of his/her marriage certificate 
       upon enrollment.
   5. Non-Catholic applicants who seek admission must be willing to attend Christian
        Formation classes and join the religious activities of the school.

C. Registration
   1. Open enrollment is observed for the tertiary level.
   2. Changing or dropping of subjects is allowed on the dates designated after the
       first week of classes. No change is allowed after two weeks of classes.
   3. Students can take a regular load per semester. In case of failing grades he/she 
       is advised by the respective Program Chairperson/Dean to carry less than the
       regular load.
   4. Overloading for undergraduate students is not allowed.
   5. A graduating student may be permitted by the Registrar upon the 
       recommendation from the College Dean to have an additional subject load of 
       not more than two subjects or six academic units, in excess of the normal load 
       specified per course for the last two semesters.
   6. Cross enrollment is generally discouraged. However, for valid reasons as 
       determined by and with prior approval of the Dean, a student may be permitted 
       to cross-enroll in other school. Cross enrollment is allowed only if a student is 
       graduating and the subject is not offered in Santa Isabel College. Student who 
       will cross enroll should bring with her the following:
              a. permit to cross-enroll
              b. certificate of good moral character 
   7. Late enrollees should secure letter of endorsement from the Program Chairperson 
       and approval from the Dean before enrolling.

D. Tutorial classes are allowed for graduating students only.

E. Orientation 

       A freshman or any new student shall attend the group orientation program facilitated by the Guidance Office.

   1. Valedictorians, from any high school recognized by the government and with 
       proper certification from the principal, are given full scholarship (on tuition only)
       for one semester. This scholarship is renewed the following semester if the
       student maintains the required average of 90% and with no grade 
       lower than 90%.
   2. Class salutatorian from any high school recognized by the Government receives a 
       half scholarship (on tuition only) for one semester.
   3. Full scholarship on tuition for one semester is granted to incoming first year 
       students who get an average of 90% and above, with no grade below 85 in any 
       subject. To continue availing, students must have no grades below 90% and
       average of 90%
   4. Grants-In-Aid– The college accepts financially-deprived but deserving students,
       upon recommendation, as working scholars. They should have an average of 
       85%, and should pass the entrance examinations.
   5. Several Music Scholarships are offered by
       - The Santa Isabel College Music Alumni Association
       - Sor Catalina Ledesma Scholarship Foundation
       - Individual Music Faculty Scholarship
   6. Scholarship for the financially-deprived but deserving students. Recipients of
       these scholarships are those students who are financially deprived but bright
       students who have an average of 85% in the report card.

G. Fees, Payments and Refunds*
A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing, within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than one month may be charged ten percent of the total amount for the term if he withdraws within the first week of classes or twenty percent if within the second week of classes, regardless of whether or not he has actually attended classes. The student may be charged all the school fees in full if he withdraws anytime after the second week of classes. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to a justifiable reason, the student shall be charged pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance.
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